The Premier League footballer Vs 322 Conservative MPs

There are 650 Westminster constituencies in the United Kingdom. The last general election was held in December 2019, which decided the MP that represents those constituencies. A motion was put forward by the opposition party (Labour) to continue to provide free school meals to those that need them over the school holidays (eligible children receive free school meals while at school, but nothing over school holidays). The division vote was held on the 21st October 2020 at 18:59. 261 members voted in favour of the motion, while 322 members voted against. All but one of the members that voted against the motion are members of the Conservative Party.

Marcus Rashford MBE has been a vocal advocate of providing meals to families and children in need. As a result of his awareness-raising efforts, businesses across the country have been stepping up to commit to providing meals and food for these families, which is especially remarkable given the challenges faced by the entire hospitality sector through the pandemic.

The folk at ODI Leeds have started a google doc where people can record those businesses who are providing this support, along with key information for families, and other referrring organisations.

***UPDATE 2020-10-31***

This data now also includes data from All Of Us Together's sspreadsheet of organisations providing free meals, with over 2,000 entris - which you can see here.

This table is the output of a processing script which takes that data, matches the address to parliamentary constituency, gets the MP, their political party and their vote in the School Meals division, and shows whether or not the constituency has had at least one business offering to feed families in need for free.

If you know of a business who is providing meals for the vulnerable, add their details to ODI Leeds' spreadsheet, and let's see if we can help to lessen the impact of the 322. #BeMoreMarcus