Screenshot of covid-19 sound files

Covid-19 Data Sonification – All English Local Authorities

This page contains the .wav files of the data sonification of all English Local Authorities. Have a listen, or feel free to download and turn into a song…

The Premier League footballer Vs 322 Conservative MPs

Analysing data captured by ODI Leeds and All In This Together on organisations who committed to providing meals for children and families over the school holidays, following the Government’s decision to not provide them.

Interactive Local Authority Covid-19 Death Map (2020-06-07)

Interactive map showing cumulative counts of deaths with Covid-19 in Local Authorities in England and Wales

Deprivation Profiles

Page bringing together all resources associated with deprivation profiles

Cartogram showing the number of new years honours awarded for 2020

New Years Honours – Cartogram (2020-01-03)

An animated cartogram map showing the absolute number of New Years Honours awarded for 2020, by ceremonial county.


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